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Alex de los Reyes



Alex de los Reyes is a mexican producer, ghost producer and songwriter, based in Mérida, Yucatán. During his late childhood, inspired by deadmau5 , The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk he began looking for a way to create electronic music with his old computer.

By the age of fifteen, he had produced more than 100 full songs, and began publishing them under various pseudonyms. Each pseudonym had its own printing or style. At the same time that variety led him to be contacted by various record labels, artists or managers to buy the rights of the unreleased songs. Currently, he has sold more than half of those hundred songs and has sold more than five dozen new songs.

Living from making music since he was 17 years old, he currently serves as a product and content manager at Tropical House Records.

As himself has released Home and Love Us Like We Do on Tropical House Records, two albums and several singles under his own record label Inmove Music Recordings, Wanna Be With Me with Big Fish Recordings and We're Not the Same on Artist Intelligence Agency .

Now Alex de los Reyes has decided to jump right into releasing only Chill House and Tropical House songs.

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