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Rapsody is a duet of young French Dj. Inspired by artist like Alok or Regard they offer their new energetic Brazilian Bass song soften by a sensual voice.

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Cysco Fiore

CyscoFiore is a French Dj and producer based in the south of France. This electronic music enthusiast enjoys composing & distilling his energetic and electric house. His style is subtle, capable of satisfying a demanding and elitist clientele. His only watchword is the dance floor

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From south of germany Txtr. combines his emotional voice which has already touched social media, deep lyrics and Pop Music.usic with a li


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Veme are three Deep House producers from Germany. After the success of « Who I Am » they release “Lay Your Love” a Deep House song about a new relationship. You know you should take it slow but you want to dive in headfirst as the excitement takes over and your mind races.

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Nck & Josh Anton


Nck is an Italian producer based in Treviso. Although he is studying languages at high school, his music passion is always in his mind and he puts a lot of efforts on it. Edm and Pop are his influences, but the main drive comes from his flow while writing ideas.


Josh is an Italian producer based in London where he is currently studying music production and sound  engeneering. His constant experimentation  and research for new sounds make it impossible to define him with a single genre. His biggest inspirations come from House and Hip Hop.

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GCR Releasesttle touch of Ra



Based in Malaysia, James Morss, better known as Jemz, is a House Producer. He has a musical background as his mother was a guitarist/ soloist of her own band and his father plays the bass guitar. After listening to music for so long and wanting to learn to DJ and produce music, he finally decided to start producing on April 10th, 2019. He mainly produces House Music or sub-genres of House. Jemz' main influence comes from Calvin Harris, Hot Since 82, MK and more.

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Elyji & Juliette


Elyji is a french electronic music dj/producer. He is passioned about Music since he’s a teenager and associates music to his life story and shares a univers made about hope and mix of culturs. Influenced by a lot of music types, he sees Music as a sharing of emotions and as a way to express himself.


Juliette is a singer, songwriter and performer from Montpellier with a bewitching voice. She began her musical career at a very early age and performed with several local bands. It is after a one year trip to London that she decides to turn to the writing of her own texts and composes her own music with a universe of her own. Through her voice and her texts, she wishes to share her passion with us to make us feel the emotions that make us alive.

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BAF is an Electronic producer from Brazil. Here, BAF explores the most variety of sounds. Inspired by artists like WATEVA, EDX, Tchami, Don Diablo and more, he started making music in March 2020. His single “Closer” was shared on Pulse Musification in June 2020. In November 2020 he released the single My Remedy with the label Drop Station. In April 2021 he released the single Give Me Something with the same label. He has over 100.000 streams on his music in total.h a li


GCR Releasesttle touch of Ra

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