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Garden Cactus 

Discover the Beats of Tomorrow

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who we are

Garden Cactus Records is a dynamic music label based in Germany, dedicated to discovering and promoting innovative talents in the dance, deep house, chill, and pop genres. Our passionate team nurtures artists and delivers fresh sounds to music lovers worldwide.

Join us on our musical journey and experience the unique vibe of Garden Cactus Records and its sublabels.


Our Sublabels

Crack the Vibes

Focused on Tech House and Club Beats and innovative electronic sounds.

Logo Second Coffee no Bckground_edited.png

Specializes in introspective Electronic Music like Emotional ukg, Soft dub, Organic House

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The Team


Co-founder of the label and A&R for Garden Cactus Records, responsible for talent scouting and development.


A&R for Crack the Vibes, our sublabel in Techno/House, ensuring the discovery and support of top artists


A&R for Second Coffee Records, our sublabel for ukg, soft dnb, introspective electronical music , ensuring the discovery and support the best artists.


Second A&R for Garden Records but also help out Sarah and Mat


the good soul of our bookkeeping


Founder and main executive, oversees all administrative duties, ensuring smooth operations and strategic growth. This includes artist development, team management, and driving the label’s vision forward

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