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Bahamian born singer-songwriter 1:AM is a gifted creative who started his career in music as the writer behind numerous hits in reggae music. His talent for crafting catchy melodies and pairing them with memorable lyrics, earned him a Grammy nomination for his work on “The Cure”; the 2015 reggae album released by reggae sensation, Jah Cure.
Hit singles “Life We Live”, “Made In California” and “Set Me Free” showcased his ability to create memorable songs and impactful lyrics.
After relocating to Toronto, Canada his writing continued, leading to him being signed to CYMBA Music Publishing, He continues to write hits for other artists in Pop, R&B, Reggae and other genres, adding his unique Caribbean flare.

For the first time, 1:AM is emerging as a recording artist. He’s quoted as saying he “just wants to make great music”. First up is “Just Breathe” a catchy House, Pop tune he created alongside Mat Hours and Cysco Fiore; which will be released on Garden Cactus Records. His warm, deep, soulful tone sits atop the bright, fun beat resulting in a wonderful collaboration.

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