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Joan Alasta


Some have heard her radiant and mysterious tone in the hit Big Jet Plane, remixed by Alok and Mathieu Koss (Spinnin' Records), which got more than a hundred million views on the platforms.  Others have been blown away by the majestic pop rock tracks on her solo albums released as Joan Project... in both cases, her voice, as if straight out of a David Lynch film, still radiates. A swift yet powerful range, both melancholic and sensual vocal melodies: these are Joan Alasta's hallmarks, which have won over numerous record labels such as Soave, Sidekick Music, Humble Angel Records...   Topliner, guitarist and producer, immersed in the beauty of Corsican landscapes, in the colours of meditative island songs, also inspired by Radiohead's harmonic masterpieces. Joan Alasta is also a presence in the house music and pop worlds. Her meeting with publisher Musigamy has enabled her to explore her multi-faceted creativity and to meet new artists in France and abroad.   Whether in chill, heartbreaking ballads like Without You, Dance with Me two single she recorded with Belgian DJ Mauro Valdemi, or solo in more intimate songs, in Out of Life and Need my Heart – an absolute club bombshell, Joan Alasta instills that organic and deeply inspiring touch in every tune and every production.

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